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How Gifticon is revolutionizing the world's gifting industry

By Brenda Oeun @brenduur, commerce student at The University of Auckland.

Isn’t it incredible how fast our generation has adapted to mobile technology? Especially the fact that we have transitioned from paying by cash to paying with our mobile phones in such a short amount of time.

Could gifting be revolutionised in the same way? I bet mobile digital gifting hasn’t crossed your mind yet.

Gifting in itself can be pretty complicated. You have to go to your nearest gift store, find the perfect gift, a card and you can’t forget the wrapping paper!

At other times, gifting can be the most enjoyable experience. I remember making cards for my friends instead of buying them. Printing photos, making collages, drawing doodles, and stamping stickers by hand. But seeing their laughter and joy when they open their hand-made gifts brings a unique and special kind of delightfulness.

But nowadays, sometimes I can’t even make it to the gift store on time or I’m not in the same city for their birthday party.

Will mobile digital gifting make it easier for me and provide the same enjoyment to the recipient?

Gifticon brings to you – a fast and easy approach to gifting.

It’s as easy as ABC

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Gifticon has raised the stakes when it comes to gifting. It allows friends and family to virtually send and receive gifts. You don’t even need to visit your nearest gift store! Gifticon brings the gift store to you.

On the other end, the recipient receives your gift and all they need to do is present the specific barcode at the selected store to redeem it. All you really need is your mobile phone and it takes less than a minute - it’s that easy.

At this point, you could forget the wrapping paper! Wrapping the gift with Gifticon might just be your favourite part. Pick your gift for the special person then customise a digital card. Get creative with fonts and stickers and personalise a message. But what about making a last-minute gift? No worries, your recipient won’t even be able to guess it!

Mobile gifting could be just as delightful and heart-warming as physical gifting. You can definitely count on Gifticon to help you pick an awesome gift and complete it with a fun card.

Simply scan the QR code at the merchant to redeem the gift!

Show your thoughts, love and support

One of the advantages of Gifticon is that it helps to maintain and strengthen friendships and relationships. I’ve sometimes felt guilty for cancelling on family gatherings or falling sick on a friend’s 21st birthday. With Gifticon I can avoid the guilty conscience and send a gift as an apology for missing such an important time of the year.

Flying out of the country or stuck in a different city? That’s not an excuse anymore! You won’t be less of a friend. You could still show your support and love without meeting them in person. Gift them a birthday cake or a week’s worth of bubble tea that they can pick up at a local Auckland store.

Oh yeah! What if you’re spending a special day by yourself? Or simply want to treat yourself? Browse through Gifticon’s selection of discounts and grab yourself a voucher at your favourite places. Who wouldn’t love the idea of saving money?

Show your thoughts, love and support by sending a gift in less than a minute!

Gifticon today

Gifticon is an emerging small business. It plans to expand to other cities throughout New Zealand and in the future, to Australia and South East Asia.

The Gifticon app makes gifting so simple and easy. Especially being stuck in lockdown - Gifticon has made it more convenient than ever for Aucklanders to send friends and family digital gifts, all from the comfort of their phones. Plus, there’s no need to worry about sending parcels and having it damaged or delayed.

This new approach to gifting is definitely a necessity. It is so convenient. You can totally rely on Gifticon to be there for you when you’ve run out of gift ideas.

Start gifting with Gifticon today!

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