HOYTS Candy Bar E-Voucher T&Cs

This HOYTS Candy Bar E-Voucher is redeemable for one (1) Small combo;

  • Comprising of one (1) Small generic popcorn, and one (1) Small generic drink.

  • At any HOYTS and Berkeley cinema in New Zealand.

  • Must be scanned in cinema at the time of redemption.

  • Is valid until the expiry date indicated and cannot be exchanged, extended or replaced.

This HOYTS Candy Bar E-Voucher cannot be:

  • Redeemed for any other food or beverage item.

  • Redeemed for special or promotional items.

  • Redeemed for any tickets or other merchandise

  • Redeemed at any independent cinemas.

  • Redeemed online. - Used in conjunction with any other offer.

  • Replaced or refunded if lost, stolen or damaged.

  • Used to purchase any pre-paid movie vouchers, gift cards or HOYTS Rewards memberships.

  • Exchanged for cash and change will not be given irrespective of cinema pricing.

  • Used and/or sold by a person or company as an incentive for a third party to purchase other goods or services or be incorporated into an offer by that person or company for a third party to purchase other goods or services without the prior written consent of The HOYTS Corporation Pty Limited.

Must be redeemed in cinema for your combo.

Terms and conditions are subject to change at any time.